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新加坡 - 05/12/2014
第2场: 新秀赛 (在提名日以前已有2年未胜出比赛,并且在新、马两地拥有少过8次的上阵记录)(4岁及以下) (依龄配磅赛) - 1000M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 18:50 奖金: S$65000
Trackform号码 [1595]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 0:59.61 分段时间:400公尺 0:24.77  600公尺 0:36.26  800公尺 0:47.89  
马名 配备 马匹
3帆船之都 TT054557.555.58祖利曼必拿1-1-110:59.610
1准备进攻 TT5553057.556.56哥拉利尚恩7-8-220:59.680.5
2有意思 PP4843457.555.53鲁邑文迪恩4-4-330:59.992.5
8日行一善 BB046353.553.59查维斯林怀远 3-3-441:00.405
4九六动力 BP052857.557.54贝善利陈瀠旺6-6-551:00.556
9前程万里 045652492达瓦拉林怀远 5-5-661:00.696.8
6漂亮宝贝 P037953.5537徐汉堡奥哈拉9-9-771:00.706.9
7号角 BB048653.553.51苏坤明凯得2-2-881:01.028.9
5美好时光 P054857.556.55阿斯兰迪恩8-7-991:01.149.7
RACE 2 [TF1595]

LIGN EM UP (M Kellady) was difficult to be loaded into the barrier. Trainer S
Baertschiger was advised that a warning has been placed on LIGN EM UP
regarding its barrier manners and to take steps to improve them or action
may be taken in future.

FULL MEANING (App R Rueven) and NINETYSIX POWER (D Beasley) bumped
on jumping.

HANDSOME BAB (App T See) jumped awkwardly inwards making contact
with the hindquarters of LIGN EM UP.

LIGN EM UP made the turn into the straight wide.

SCOUT DONE (O Chavez), which raced greenly in the straight, shifted
inwards and bumped FULL MEANING approaching the 100m.

Jockey Kellady, when questioned regarding the run of LIGN EM UP, stated
that after being caught wide early, he elected to come back and take up a
position behind NINETYSIX POWER. He had expected NINETYSIX POWER to
improve into the race, however, as NINETYSIX POWER did not improve into
the race and was under hard riding, he elected to come to the outside near
the 500m in an attempt to improve, however, he was carried slightly wider
making the turn into the straight, and thereafter, under hard riding, LIGN EM
UP finished off the race well.

Jockey Beasley, when questioned regarding the run of NINETYSIX POWER,
stated that the pace of the race was too quick for the gelding tonight and
NINETYSIX POWER may not have been suited by dropping back in distance
from its previous start. He further stated that the gelding was under
pressure throughout and resented the kickback. He also stated that
NINETYSIX POWER was one paced and only found the line fairly. His
explanation was noted. NINETYSIX POWER was impounded for routine
veterinary and analytical examination. The Veterinary Surgeon reported no
apparent abnormality.