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新加坡 - 24/10/2014
第7场: BM83公开赛 - 1200M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 21:20 奖金: S$100000
Trackform号码 [1408]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:11.91 分段时间:400公尺 0:24.44  600公尺 0:35.58  800公尺 0:47.30  1000公尺 0:59.60  
马名 配备 马匹
2钱多乐 8048256562贝善利陈瀠旺3-2-111:11.910
1阿斯羅星 TT82491575611再基杨庆顺6-3-221:12.081
3巴亨 7955155.555.57包和义尚恩9-7-331:12.181.5
4酿酒金人 BP7849055554科理斯郭力卫 8-8-441:12.231.8
11秘密任务 TT6950750.550.51祖格拉克莱门4-6-551:12.342.6
8加托黑猫 P74485535310查维斯陈瀠旺5-4-661:12.493.6
9裙摆飘飘 P7247052526刘菘粱必拿11-9-771:12.594.4
5超级肯尼 7849655538菲德斯绍尔 1-1-881:12.735.2
10冠峰 7151151.551.512文罗许怡2-4-991:12.846
7硬料 7546953.553.55文佩丽M尤索 7-10-10101:12.876.3
6沙漠狐狸 7545653.553.53白布朗麦菲文10-11-11111:12.916.6
RACE 7 [TF1408]

Acting on veterinary advice that KNIGHT SPIRIT (TH Koh) was found to be
lame near-hind, the Panel of Stewards ordered its withdrawal at 2045Hrs. In
terms of MRA Regulation 24.2, it must be presented to an Official Veterinary
Surgeon prior to being declared to race again.

After arriving at the barrier, SECRET MISSION (N Juglall) had its saddle

Shortly after the start, BAHEN (J Powell) lost ground when crowded between
SUPER KENNY (App MM Firdaus) and TAFFETAS (J Low), which shifted
outwards. At the same time, ASTROSTAR (M Zaki) steadied to avoid the
heels of CORONET PEAK (A Munro), which shifted inwards slightly.

GATO NEGRO (O Chavez) proved difficult to settle in the early stages.

Near the 900m, HARD STUFF (L Allpress) had to be eased when awkwardly
placed on the heels of HAPPY MONEY (D Beasley), which shifted outwards,
and ASTROSTAR, which was bumped inwards by GATO NEGRO, which shifted
inwards and away from CORONET PEAK.

After passing the 900m, ASTROSTAR steadied when crowded to the inside of
CORONET PEAK, which laid inwards. Shortly after that incident, DESERT FOX
(CW Brown) eased when crowded to the inside of BOURBON GOLDMAN (D
Flores), which shifted inwards and away from HARD STUFF.

TAFFETAS showed no early pace despite the urgings of its rider.

Near the 400m, SECRET MISSION laid outwards when steadied after
becoming awkwardly placed on the heels of ASTROSTAR.

TAFFETAS hung outwards rounding the hometurn.

GATO NEGRO raced wide throughout.

After passing the 150m, CORONET PEAK had to be steadied for a number of
strides off the heels of SUPER KENNY, which was tiring.

Approaching the Winning Post, GATO NEGRO eased when crowded between
BOURBON GOLDMAN, which rolled inwards slightly and BAHEN, which shifted
outwards under pressure.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on SUPER KENNY which
revealed that the horse exhibited signs of heat stress. SUPER KENNY will be
required to pass a 1000m gallop trial and veterinary examination prior to
being declared to race again.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on DESERT FOX which
revealed no apparent abnormality.