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新加坡 - 10/10/2014
第8场: 第4级 - 1600M B跑道 (短直程) (草地赛道) 时间: 21:55 奖金: S$60000
Trackform号码 [1331]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:36.66 分段时间:400公尺 0:26.39  800公尺 0:49.97  1000公尺 1:01.92  1200公尺 1:13.95  1400公尺 1:25.55  
马名 配备 马匹
10激战 TT514685250.56祖利曼必拿1-1-111:36.660
1黑雪 P, TT6149557543扎华礼迪恩3-3-221:36.760.5
4加州飞机 TT5948956561刘菘粱布隆6-5-331:36.800.8
7阿拉丁 B5749155554文罗高冈2-2-441:36.831.1
2事实 6146457575包和义绍尔 8-6-551:36.891.4
6精明收获 WK5849655.554.59海理M尤索 7-8-661:37.263.7
8星运王 5555854547文佩丽霍卡 9-7-771:37.324
9奇幻都市 B5252652.552.58白布朗瑞尔士5-9-881:37.515.3
5萬利多 BB, TT5947956562冼文诺霍卡 4-4-991:37.978.1
RACE 8 [TF1331]
CLASS 4 SC (B) 1600M

Subsequent to the race, after reviewing the films and prior to the All Clear
being given, evidence was taken from Jockey J Powell and Trainer P Shaws
Assistant Trainer, Mr Ricardo Le Grange, regarding the start afforded to IN
FACT. The Stewards were of the opinion that IN FACT was not denied a fair
start and IN FACT was declared a runner. It was established that just prior
to the field being released, IN FACT became fractious in its barrier turning its
head to the near-side when being held by its Barrier Attendant. As the start
was effected, the Barrier Attendant released his grip. However, IN FACT was
slow to begin.

KING SAVINSKY (L Allpress), which was fractious in the barrier, will be
required to pass one starting stall test prior to being declared to race again in
terms of MRA Rule 78(2).

KING SAVINSKY began awkwardly.

CITY OF KIRKWALL (CW Brown), which raced wide, had a tendency to hang
outwards throughout.

Near the 400m, CALIFORNIAN JET (J Low) shifted outwards to improve and
made contact with the hindquarters of PRINCE MAG (M Nunes), resulting in
that runner becoming unbalanced.

Leaving the 200m, CALIFORNIAN JET had to be steadied when tightened for
room between ALADDIN (A Munro), which shifted outwards and away from
BLACK SNOW (App R Zawari) and IN FACT, which shifted inwards under

CALIFORNIAN JET then had to be taken outwards to obtain clear running.

App K AIsisuhairi, when questioned regarding the performance of SMART
VINTAGE, stated that his instructions were to ride the gelding just off the
pace as it appeared to be a lot of speed in todays event. He added that the
pace was not as anticipated and therefore had to place SMART VINTAGE
under pressure prior to the hometurn, and the gelding ran on fairly. He
further added that in his opinion, SMART VINTAGE is better suited when the
tempo of the race is greater than tonight which would enable the gelding to
finish the race off. His explanation was noted. A subsequent veterinary
examination was requested on SMART VINTAGE which revealed no apparent