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新加坡 - 03/10/2014
第8场: 第5级(限让磅骑师) - 1700M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 21:50 奖金: S$35000 (目前尚无时速走位表与分段时间)
Trackform号码 [1311]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:47.98 分段时间:500公尺 0:01.00  700公尺 0:01.00  900公尺 0:01.00  1100公尺 0:01.00  1300公尺 0:01.00  1500公尺 0:01.00  
马名 配备 马匹
7超级星 TT33473545012曾伟升邱炳安1-1-111:47.980
12快音速 B2347450474达瓦拉蔡春木8-4-221:48.352.3
5魔星 3547255526施志勇陈厚勤12-12-331:48.734.6
6北星 3444354.553.51再基高冈3-2-441:48.744.7
2真简单 TT3951857559穆哈诺莫振麟11-11-551:49.097
8银行马 B3247753.551.510鲁邑文瑞尔士6-7-661:49.097.1
11超幸运 BP294745252.53尤俊豪郭力卫 10-10-771:49.308.4
10才华横溢 WK, TT3052052.550.511祖利曼蔡春木9-9-881:49.7110.9
3外汇 B3850256.553.57陈发力纳逊7-8-991:50.3114.4
9雄鹰 3146053525钟杰腾 陈厚勤2-3-10101:50.9818.4
1威瓦拉 WK4345359572励海扎许佐扬4-5-11111:51.0418.7
4快成 WK3842556.555.58海理陈厚勤5-6-12121:51.0619
RACE 8 [TF1311]
CLASS 5 1700M

After arriving at the barrier, NOT SIMPLE (App S Noh) had its saddle re-

NOT SIMPLE was crowded on jumping between BANKERS CALL (App R
Rueven) and MISCHEF LOVE US (App K AIsisuhairi), which jumped
awkwardly outwards.

SUPER STAR (App WS Chan) jumped inwards at the start carrying BRILLIANT
POWER (App Z Zuriman) inwards, resulting in that gelding losing ground
after bumping heavily with BANKERS CALL.

Shortly after the start, GYPSY STAR (App J See) made contact with the
hindquarters of FOREIGN EXCHANGE (App F Tan), turning that gelding
inwards and crowding GYPSY STAR, which lost ground.

Near the 1600m, MISCHEF LOVE US got its head up when being steadied off
the heels of SUPER STAR, which shifted inwards.

VIVA RAAJ (App T Rehaizat), which raced keenly in the early stages, raced
wide from the 1200m.

JUSEAGLEYE (HK Cheng) mis-strode passing the 1200m and lost ground.

GYPSY STAR made the turn into the straight wide.

App J See, when questioned regarding the run of GYPSY STAR, stated that he
was instructed to settle his mount as usual in a rearward position. In
addition, he was instructed to commence his run from the 800m. App J See
also stated that whilst he was a little concerned that he lost his position
slightly relative to the runners in front, he was mindful of his instructions and
also that in some previous races when GYPSY STAR was placed under
pressure too early, it failed to run on and finish off its races as per normal.
As such, he then commenced to ride his mount along from near the 800m
whilst he had to make his run out wide, GYPSY STAR had run home well. His
explanation was noted.