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新加坡 - 23/03/2014
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1000M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 12:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$35000
Trackform号码 [423]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:00.41 分段时间:400公尺 0:24.73  600公尺 0:36.59  800公尺 0:48.31  
马名 配备 马匹
5HIDDEN VENTURE 4048255.555.51L ALLPRESSS YEOH9-7-111:00.410
7TEOCHEW BARRISTER WK3850354.554.53O CHAVEZHK TAN8-10-221:00.550.8
12PLAY ON B, TT314715151.512I SANTANARB MARSH1-1-331:00.691.8
11STATE TROOPER 3449952.552.510I SAIFUDINHK TAN4-4-441:00.752.1
9SPICY CAT 3647653.552.58APP K A'ISISUHAIRIS CHUA10-11-551:00.782.3
6POWER ANGEL B, TT3949555539APP S NOHM CLEMENTS5-3-661:00.943.3
3VOLKOV WK, TT4150556562YF LEONG L KHOO6-8-771:00.993.6
2BEVERLY HILL WK, TT4153356564S JOHNS CHUA12-9-881:01.114.4
4GOOD BOSS B4054455.552.56APP J SEEHW TAN11-12-991:01.305.7
1RAPTURE TT4347357537APP K TOHM CLEMENTS7-5-10101:01.356
10FOUNTAIN 35495535111TH KOHM YUSOF3-6-11111:01.617.5
8CONQUEROR B3649053.553.55KB SOOS LAM2-2-12121:02.0610.3
RACE 1 [TF423]
CLASS 5 1000M

Prior to the running of Race 1, Trainer S Yeoh advised the Stewards that his
instructions to Jockey L Allpress, the rider of HIDDEN VENTURE, if
circumstances permit, from an inside barrier to attempt to race off the pace
where comfortable.

Permission was granted for Jockey I Santana to replace Jockey CW Brown on
PLAY ON as the latter was unable to make the weight. Jockey Brown was
subsequently fined a sum of S$200 in terms of MRA Rule 107(9).

BEVERLY HILL (S John), which jumped away awkwardly, was inconvenienced
on jumping when CONQUEROR (KB Soo) shifted inwards abruptly after
jumping away awkwardly.

GOOD BOSS (App J See) was slow into stride.

Approximately 50m after the start, CONQUEROR rolled outwards bumping
RAPTURE (App K Toh) out onto SPICY CAT (App K AIsisuhairi). Shortly
after, POWER ANGEL (App S Noh) shifted inwards bumping heavily with
SPICY CAT, which in turn made contact with RAPTURE.

GOOD BOSS, which laid outwards, raced wide from the 800m.

Approaching the 300m, FOUNTAIN (App TH Koh) was crowded between
RAPTURE and STATE TROOPER (I Saifudin), which shifted outwards.

Passing the 300m, VOLKOV (YF Leong) was cramped for racing room
between RAPTURE and TEOCHEW BARRISTER (O Chavez), which laid

Jockey Leong, when questioned regarding the run of VOLKOV, stated that
after jumping well, he attempted to push forward to maintain the position
near the lead. However, despite this, VOLKOV was unable to obtain a
forward position and was crossed by a number of runners, resulting in it
racing in a midfield position. He further stated that although he was unable
to improve when held up near the 600m and also being momentarily
crowded near the 300m, VOLKOV was disappointing as it had failed to run on
when placed under pressure. His explanation was noted. A subsequent
veterinary examination was requested on VOLKOV which revealed no
apparent abnormality.