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新加坡 - 10/01/2014
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1800M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 18:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$35000
Trackform号码 [46]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:53.25 分段时间:300公尺 0:19.07  600公尺 0:36.99  1000公尺 1:02.68  1200公尺 1:15.87  1400公尺 1:28.74  1600公尺 1:40.99  
马名 配备 马匹
2NINTH AVENUE BP34477565610S JOHNS CHUA7-3-111:53.250
3FOREIGN EXCHANGE VIS3350155.555.53M NUNESL LAXON5-2-221:53.481.5
1JOHNNY HATES JAZZ B3744257.556.57M ZAKIS YEOH3-1-331:53.974.5
7CLASSIC THUNDER B2541051.551.55L ALLPRESST KIESER6-5-441:54.548
8SUPER VELOX WK, TT2547651.5518HK CHENGL KHOO2-6-551:54.8710
5KTRONIC B, TT3346955.555.56I SAIFUDINS CHUA9-10-661:55.2212
10AMERICAN TYCOON B, TT224975050.54WH LAOS CHUA10-8-771:55.5514
6CASSIS OOLONG TT3147554.554.51D BEASLEYH TAKAOKA4-7-881:55.6714.8
9WEIGHT IN GOLD WK2347050.546.52APP LQ KEKD HILL8-9-991:56.1117.3
4GENUINE BARGAIN P, TT3350055.553.59APP Z ZURIMANRB MARSH1-4-10101:57.8227.8
RACE 1 [TF46]
CLASS 5 1800M

Shortly after the start, KTRONIC (I Saifudin) blundered after being severely
crowded between CLASSIC THUNDER (L Allpress) and JOHNNY HATES JAZZ
(M Zaki), which shifted inwards.

Approaching the 900m, KTRONIC had to be steadied outwards when
awkwardly placed on the heels of WEIGHT IN GOLD (App LQ Kek).

CLASSIC THUNDER, which raced wide without cover throughout, had a
tendency to hang outwards from the 800m and made the turn into the
straight wide.

App Z Zuriman, when questioned regarding the run of GENUINE BARGAIN,
stated that the gelding was stepping up in distance. He further stated that
GENUINE BARGAIN had a tendency to overrace and get its head up when
being steadied in races. He had not intended to lead by such a large margin.
He added that he was instructed to lead and as such had gone forward.
However, GENUINE BARGAIN had a tendency to race keenly and in the early
stages, he attempted to gradually get the horse to settle. He also stated
that GENUINE BARGAIN had commenced to give ground and hung outwards
from the 600m. His explanation was noted. A subsequent veterinary
examination was requested on GENUINE BARGAIN which revealed no
apparent abnormality. GENUINE BARGAIN, which raced poorly, will be
required to pass a 1000m gallop trial and veterinary examination prior to
being declared to race again.