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新加坡 - 15/06/2012
RACE 9: CLASS 4 (1) - 1200M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 22:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$55000
Trackform号码 [812]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:12.38 分段时间:400公尺 0:25.23  600公尺 0:36.77  800公尺 0:48.40  1000公尺 1:00.23  
马名 配备 马匹
7BULLET FLY BP 5352854.554.52I AZHARD KOK4-3-111:12.380
4DOUBLE RANSOM BP 5749156.552.53APP WX WONGS GRAY6-5-221:12.641.5
6HUMOR TOWN B 5447255551A MUNROS CHUA2-2-331:12.691.8
2SPEED DEMON 6149758.558.58S SAMS LAM9-7-441:13.114.3
9FIFTH DAN B 4946252.552.56B VORSTERP SHAW3-4-551:13.124.4
8HOWGOODISTHAT 504845352.59E ASLAMB DEAN5-6-661:13.245.2
3VOLKOV 5849457574YF LEONG L KHOO1-1-771:13.285.5
11WOLFSBANE BP 4450450475I ANDYS GRAY8-9-881:14.0810.3
5STANZOUT P 5550755.555.57O BOSSONRB MARSH7-8-991:14.2511.3
RACE 9 [TF812]
CLASS 4 1200M

Jockey E Aslam, the rider of HOWGOODISTHAT, was fined a sum of S$200
for negligence in terms of MRA Rule 152(5)(a) in that he failed to submit his
request to ride HOWGOODISTHAT without claiming his full allowance within
the prescribed time at Declarations.

DOUBLE RANSOM (App WX Wong) was crowded on jumping between BULLET
FLY (I Azhar) and VOLKOV (YF Leong), which jumped awkwardly inwards.

HOWGOODISTHAT laid inwards in the backstraight.

HOWGOODISTHAT and SPEED DEMON (S Sam) both raced wide throughout.

Near the 800m, WOLFSBANE (I Andy) steadied whilst racing tight between
BULLET FLY and STANZOUT (O Bosson), which laid inwards away from

Approaching the 200m, HOWGOODISTHAT steadied and shifted inwards
when disappointed for a run between SPEED DEMON and FIFTH DAN (B

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on STANZOUT which
revealed that the horse exhibited signs of respiratory distress after the race.
STANZOUT will be required to pass a 1000m gallop trial and veterinary
examination prior to being declared to race again.


FRIDAY, 01 JUNE 2012:

RACE 6 [TF737]

On Thursday, 14 June 2012, the Race Meeting Stewards acceded to a request
from Jockey J Verenzuela, the rider of PERFECT KID, to withdraw his Appeal
against the decision of the Stipendiary Stewards and the penalty imposed on
him. His deposit was forfeited.

The Race Meeting Stewards have determined that the suspension from riding
in races will therefore be with effect from Monday, 11 June 2012 and will run
until Friday, 22 June 2012 both dates inclusive during which there are three
Singapore Race Days.

FRIDAY, 08 JUNE 2012:

RACE 5 [TF767]

An Inquiry into the run of MASTHEAD (S Baster) in Race 5, Novice 1200m
run at the Singapore Turf Club on Friday, 08 June 2012 was concluded on
Wednesday, 13 June 2012.

Jockey S Baster stated that his instructions were to lead or race in a forward
position but after being crowded shortly after the start, he settled further
back than anticipated. He added that after settling back in the field, his only
options were to attempt to improve around the field or stay to the inside and
try and improve where possible.

Both Jockey Baster and Trainer M Freedman opined that to cover excessive
ground and attempt to race around the field was in their opinion not in the
best interests of the colts chances.

Jockey Baster said that after settling near the tail of the field, he was unable
to improve between NO RESPITE (J Powell) and BOSS CAN I CAN (D Chee)
as there was not sufficient racing room and when VALEVOLE (B Vorster)
slowed the pace in the backstraight, MASTHEAD got its head up but was
unable to shift out due to IRISH COFFEE (M Kellady) racing to his outside.

He further stated that passing the 700m, when NO RESPITE commenced to
improve, he placed MASTHEAD under pressure but it responded only fairly.

Jockey Baster added that he rode the colt strong hands and heels from the
500m and placed the horse under the whip in the straight but in his opinion,
MASTHEAD resented the whip and was not responding.

Trainer Freedman confirmed his instructions and expressed satisfaction with
Jockey Basters ride given the colt had been crowded after the start. He
further stated that MASTHEAD had raced ungenuinely and the horse would
be gelded before racing again in an attempt to improve its racing
performance. Both Jockey Basters and Trainer Freedmans comments were